How watching porn can affect your mind?

Looking at pornography can deliver various benefits for the viewer. Whether it’s a man or a woman, either can explore any fetish or erotic desires they have. Couples can use it as a way to experiment and add spice to their relationship and love life. Others often look at all the free porn available online to find something they can masturbate to. In all, there is no denying viewing porno can be beneficial. However, there are also negative side effects which come from looking at adult content. This is especially true for those who become addicted to it or watch too much of it.

Unlike decades ago where not too many people looked at pornography, times have changed. Today, it is estimated that one in three women who live in the USA looks at porno regularly. Men who are between the age of 18 to 24 years old, check out adult sites more often. Over 70 percent of males visit adult related sites on a monthly basis. Additionally, 1 out of every 4 person who uses the internet today, does so to look at pornography. Part of this has to do with all the amount of free porn available. There are millions of web sites which offer smut content for visitors.

Combined together, sites such as Brazzers, Reality Kings and PornHub, get more than 180 million unique visitors per month. Those are staggering numbers when you think about how people felt about adult content just over a decade ago. Times have changed and with mobile devices so affordable and easily available, anyone can gain access to smut online. The problem with all of this free porn available is the effect it has on the human brain. Experts have been doing research on the subject of what porn does to your brain for various years. But, the number of studies have increased because so many people are looking at porno now.

It turns out that looking at sexually explicit images and porn videos, does have lasting effects on the human brain. Consuming too much porn, can result in the mind being rewired. Both the functions and structure of the brain are altered. More importantly though, patterns of addiction quickly begin to sprout. One of the ways checking out porno all time affects the brain, is through the release of dopamine. These brain chemicals are behind humans learning capabilities. They are also responsible for emotions.

Porn viewing effects the brain, in the same manner drugs such as alcohol and others do. All of them increase the amount of dopamine in the brain. The propensity for self-pleasure is also boosted. Surges in the viewer of porno reach higher levels. Expectations and gratification anticipation become greater. Studies performed on people watching pornographic material, recorded the individuals brain patterns. They showed the more a person looked at salacious content, the significantly higher their brain pattern activity got.

Experts agree that one of the issues with this, is the response by the brain. The chemical change makes the brain respond to it and even anticipate it. At the same time, the human mind sends out messages that this behavior should be repeated. More so if the person wants to achieve the rewarding feeling again. In addition to dopamine, there are other chemicals in the brain which are released by humans. These are released when people watch pornography and engage in sex. The hormones are called vasopressin and oxytocin. Both tell a person’s brain, about the act which gave them pleasure. Not only that, they go on to create a memory of the act itself.

The same feeling of euphoria an individual feels when they are high or inebriated, happens. One of the issues is with the sensations felt by the participant. Actual sex acts result in a person feeling more relaxed and satisfied. But, when this occurs because of viewing porn, the individual’s brain changes the pattern. Instead of expecting it from the sexual act itself, it directs him or her back to porn viewing.

As more research is done on the brains of people who look at porno videos and sexually explicit content, new findings are being obtained. The most important is that a porn viewer’s mind, is almost the same as an alcoholic or drug addicts mind. Their patterns and structures are the same since all want the rewards and pleasure. Additional research is also showing that younger people who look at porno, have higher levels of brain activity than those who are older. In turn, that can lead to sexually compulsive behavior by the person as they get older.

With so much free porn available online, no one really knows what it will lead to. What will happen to people’s brains is also uncertain as new studies are resulting in new discoveries. All of this proves that just like drugs, alcohol or any other addiction, porn dependency can have negative implications. Not only on the person, their friends, family and spouse, but their brain itself.