Society is composed of people from many origins, varying professions, various beliefs, and different status. It is comprised with individuals with different ages, culture and tradition. Each member of the society has an unspoken obligation to try their best to get along with another human being in the society, to abide the written laws and follow the examples of the chosen leaders. However, when a person has a mental problem of social anxiety the person certainly has a very hard time mingling with others.

Social anxiety spectrum

The social anxiety spectrum is being extremely nervous in social conditions. It is often linked to mood disorders, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, autism, and substance use disorders. A person with social disorder cannot look others in the eyes, hides their emotions, limits their facial expression, and has trouble opening and keeping a conversation. The individual suffering from this disorder is mostly shy when faced with other people in the society, they keep to themselves, and they lack the confidence to communicate properly.

Overcoming social anxiety

It is never easy to overcome your social anxiety, but if you have the iron will to get over this mental disorder, and with the help of your family and friends, you can begin your therapy.

First you need to identify exactly what it is that you are afraid of. What are you so shy about? What are you avoiding? What are the actions and activities that make you want to crawl into your on quiet little space and stay there until everyone else is gone. When you have figured out what triggers your social anxiety disorder, list down all the things than can possibly go wrong when you are faced with your fears. List all the reasons why you do not need to be scared of those things. Make a detailed list of why you are scared of them. And list all the possible ways and methods that you can think of to face your fears and conquer them.

Once your list is complete, read everything over and over again until you have all the words etched in your heart and mind. Focus on the list of things that you can do to overcome your fears. Choose once social anxiety factor first, and then familiarize yourself with the technique to get over it. Then gather all your strength and face it. For example, the fear you have chosen is the anxiety you feel when talking to a girl. To overcome this fear, you wrote that all you have to do is walk up to girl and talk to her. And so that is what you will do. As hard as it is, you need to summon your inner courage and go out, choose a girl, approach her, and start with a “hi”. Worst scenario is she will ignore you. But regardless of the result, the most important thing is you have faced one of your fears, and you’re getting better.

How to get over your social anxiety?

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