The world is full of people with personality disorders, and their lives and perceptions are quite different from people who do not exhibit any mental disorder. Their personalities vary depending on their mental state, their specific category of mental disorder, and their ability to hide or cope with their illness.

Personality disorder top ranking of 10

There are many types of personality disorders or PD, and the top 10 are the following:

  1. Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder


  • OCPD is a personality disorder that has great apprehension with orderliness, excessive attention to details, mental and interpersonal control, perfectionism, and a necessity to control their environment. All that at the expense of Efficiency, openness to experience, and flexibility.

2.      Narcissistic Personality Disorder

–          NPD is a personality disorder characterized by a long-standing pattern of abnormal behaviors such as an extreme need for respect, extravagant feelings of self-importance, and the lack of empathy.

3.      Borderline Personality Disorder

–          BPD is commonly known as EUPD or emotionally unstable personality disorder, which is the pattern for having an unstable sense of self, unbalanced relationship with another person, and unstable emotions.

4.      Paranoid Personality Disorder

–          PPD is a mental disorder categorized by paranoia and a universal, age-old suspicion and comprehensive mistrust of other people. They are easily insulted, hypersensitive, and constantly looks for validations that their paranoia has basis.

5.      Schizotypal Personality Disorder

–          STD’ is a mental disorder categorized by severe social anxiety, paranoid ideation, thought disorder, derealization, unconventional beliefs, and transient psychosis. These people think that other people harbors negative thoughts about them, and so they avoid socializing.

6.      Antisocial Personality Disorder

–          ASPD or APD is a mental disorder categorized by a long-time pattern of disregard and/or violation of other people’s rights. There is a very minimum amount of conscience in people with this disorder, and they tend to have the history of legal problems, crime, or hostile and imprudent behavior.

7.      Schizoid Personality Disorder

–          SPD or SzPD is a personality disorder that consists of the absence of importance in social relationship, secretiveness, a inclination to have an unsociable or shielded lifestyle, emotional coldness, apathy, and detachment.

8.      Avoidant Personality Disorder

–          AvPD is a personality disorder in which the person has severe social anxiety, feelings of inadequacy and inferiority, social inhibition, evasion of social interaction even if they crave for intimacy, and overly high sensitivity to adverse evaluation.

9.      Histrionic Personality Disorder

–          HPD is a personality disorder categorized as a pattern of disproportionately seeking for attention, which typically commence in the early stage of adulthood. The behavior usually contains unfitting seductive behavior and an extreme need for approval. They are overly vivacious, flirtatious, dramatic, enthusiastic, and lively.

10.  Dependent Personality Disorder

–          DPD was previously called asthenic personality disorder, which is a personality disorder that comprised of a omnipresent psychological dependency towards other people. This is a chronic condition where a person with DPD relies mostly on others to satisfy their physical and emotional needs.

































Top 10 Personality disorders

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